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The Noetic Approach

“Technical skill is mastery of complexity while creativity is mastery of simplicity.”_ – E.C. Zeeman, mathematician

The field of engineering is built on a foundation of simplicity: the law of gravity; conservation of energy and momentum; the second law of thermodynamics to name a few. It has also become a highly technical field, filled with specifications, design codes, and analysis software. Today’s engineer possesses an array of technical skills he can apply to the problems he faces.

But some problems just will not fit into a code book or design program. Problems with different fundamentals that require a new design approach. Some are more effectively dealt with by a new approach, different from the one encapsulated by an established code, or different from what existing products can address.

At Noetic Engineering, we are not constrained by the framework of code books and design software. Our work is steeped in fundamentals, to develop ground breaking ideas for custom-engineered products and unimagined solutions. Our decades of experience and our paradigm breaking creative flair means delivery of quality specialist engineering solutions fast, affordably and effectively.


  • API Exploration and Production Standards Conference, June 2015 in San Francisco, CA

    posted Jun 24 2015

    Jarek Nowinka and Garret Meijer are participating in standards development at the 2015 API Exploration and Production Standards Conference on Oilfield Equipment and Materials and accompanying Work Group meetings ...
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  • SPE Canadian Heavy Oil Conference, June 9-11, Calgary AB

    posted Apr 28 2015

    Mark Chartier will be making two presentations on Cement Integrity in Thermal Wells at the 2015 SPE Canadian Heavy Oil Conference, June 9–11 in Calgary, Alberta. Noetic worked ...
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  • SPE Western Regional Meeting 2015

    posted Apr 16 2015

    Dr. Victor Yung will be co-presenting a slotted liner failure investigation and re-design case study at the 2015 SPE Western Regional Meeting, April 27–30 in Garden Grove, California. Noetic ...
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