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Casing Design

Noetic Engineering assists operators and pipe suppliers with strain-based casing designs for challenging extreme-service tubular applications that are not covered by standard design conventions. A major focus at Noetic is on developing casing design methodologies, appropriate QA procedures, and deformation monitoring programs for such wells. Our understanding of post-yield material properties and mechanical stability limits of tubulars form a foundation for workable design solutions.

Project Examples:

  • Casing and slotted liner design basis development and optimization for SAGD applications
  • Casing deformation and fatigue analysis for geomechanically-influenced CSS operations
  • Corrugated casing observation wells to measure formation movement
  • Casing and liner failure investigations
  • Application engineering for novel design strategies in deforming environments
  • Combined loading limits for slotted liner installation (torsion, axial load, bending, and helical buckling)
  • Material optimization for thermal slotted liners

Contact: Mark Chartier, Email:
Primary phone: +1.780.784.3199