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Connection Evaluation

Noetic Engineering assists well operators and connection designers with the evaluation and optimization of connections response, including those for production casing, liner, and tubing in extreme-service tubular applications. Noetic coordinates and oversees physical qualification testing of candidate connections for galling resistance or sealability. As a possible pre-screening process or where project limitations do not permit qualification testing, Noetic performs connection evaluations based on a comparison of finite element analysis (FEA) predictions for candidate configurations to FEA predictions for existing “qualified” configurations. Noetic’s connection evaluation activities also encompass assisting suppliers with improvements to connection designs. Complementing this experience and expertise, Noetic staff contributes to the refinement of existing international standard connection testing procedures (ISO 13679/API 5C5) and to the development of an evaluation protocol for thermal applications not covered by existing test standards.

Project Examples:

  • Assisting operations with evaluation and selection of candidate connections
  • Sealability qualification testing, including fundamental “- Seal Mechanics” evaluations to assess factors influencing the sealability performance of premium connections
  • Galling resistance (make-break) qualification testing
  • Development of Thermal Well Casing Connection Evaluation Protocol (TWCCEP)
  • Finite element analysis of casing connections in thermal applications
  • Review of liner connection requirements for SAGD applications
  • Casing connection failure investigations
  • Liner connection failure investigations

Contact: Jarek Nowinka, Email:
Primary phone: +1.780.784.3522

Link to TWCCEP