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Connection Multi-Client Project (TWCCEP)

Thermal recovery operations that challenge conventional design limits have been pioneered in Western Canada, and experience here is starting to be used around the world. While depths are modest, temperatures can approach 350°C, bringing unprecedented challenges for material and structures.

With conditions extending beyond conventional well design standards, a new design basis for thermal casing is evolving. Designing for deformation, rather than load, allows new limits to be set that can accommodate such harsh operating conditions.

For threaded connections, it means that new qualification procedures are required to validate performance in this environment. Project-specific qualifications have been performed over the past 30 years of thermal development in Alberta. Now, with rapid development of the oil sands, and interest in similar applications internationally, the value of standardized qualification for thermal applications is clear.

Noetic has organized a multi-client project (MCP) to develop qualification procedures necessary to demonstrate thermal connection performance. The first phase of this project has now been completed, delivering the first edition of a connection evaluation protocol for thermal wells. The protocol has been released to the public domain, and also submitted to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for possible adoption as an international standard.

While the protocol is public, results of numerous analytical and experimental studies conducted in support of its development remain confidential to the MCP participants. These results provide a wealth of knowledge for participants to use in their thermal well designs. The project work is ongoing with additional phases that support maintenance of the protocol and development of product line qualification procedures. New participants are still welcome to join, with favourable entry terms, full access to previous work, and opportunity to contribute to future project directions.

Contact: Jarek Nowinka, Email:
Primary phone: +1.780.784.3522