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Engineering Analysis & Software

Noetic seldom offers engineering analysis as a stand-alone service. Rather, it can be used most effectively as a tool to support higher-value engineering services – confirming, calibrating and enhancing engineering models of continuum mechanics problems.

We maintain several enhanced capability workstations for numerical simulation work with ADINA® and ADINA-T®. We routinely apply Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods to model contact, large displacements and nonlinear constitutive properties to provide the most reliable solutions available.

Noetic’s approach is to capture the primary controlling variables in models to a level of detail that gives an optimal balance of accuracy and solution efficiency. Describing models parametrically provides more than just ‘pretty pictures.’

Our goal is clear

Our goal is to provide insightful engineering solutions within the context of parametric sensitivity studies, using the results for everything from manufacturing optimization to risk and reliability assessments.

We’ve got the tools

We have developed other high value proprietary tools in the familiar Windows™ operating environment with C++, and with applications like Excel® and Access®, making it easier for our customers to integrate solutions into their work and computing environments.

Data processing, database management and visualisation with three-dimensional graphics presentations are just some of the application types we have developed and customized to solve specialised problems.