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Engineering Design

First principles approach

Noetic uses a ‘first principles’ approach to set the stage for identifying innovative rather than catalogue or ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to design challenges. Being able to think ‘out of the box’ and find creative solutions to our customers’ problems is what makes us unique.

What it takes to succeed

Market-driven, responsive, flexible, fast-moving, innovative tactics are what it takes to succeed. This approach has allowed us to participate in new product opportunities that have benefited enormously from our design and manufacturing experience.

A proven track record

Noetic has averaged more than four patent applications each year since incorporation, most of which have already seen commercial application – a stunning record of achievement!

We’re the complete package

Strong multidisciplinary expertise allows us to contribute effectively at all stages of the design process – from concept and patenting initiation, through engineering optimization, to detailed manufacturing drawings, hands-on fabrication, and manufacturing prototyping.