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Experimental Services & Support

Expertise in experimental design and measurement are fundamental to carrying out effective physical investigations – in both the laboratory and field service environments. Noetic’s services are based on the same ‘first principles’ approach that guides our investigative engineering and design activities.

A broad foundation

We draw on a broad base of experience in purpose-specific test fixture, instrumentation, and data acquisition software design. We have developed complex systems consisting of mechanical components, electro-hydraulics, measurement devices, electronic hardware, and the software to control it all.

Total data control

Our strong LabVIEW® programming skills are suitable for rapid prototyping and development of ‘turn-key’ systems driven by run-time executable files. Intimate familiarity with this programming environment and associated electronic hardware enables us to support a wide range of data acquisition and control requirements for multivariable systems including on-the-fly data analysis, decision making, and predictive control.