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Noetic has two locations. Our Location in Southeast Edmonton, is our head office including meeting facilities, the engineering group, lab and CTS facilities. A second office and meeting space is maintained in Downtown Calgary in order to facilitate interaction with clients.


Noetic uses 300m² of highly flexible laboratory/testing space to satisfy the custom testing requirements of its clients. The lab space is configured with some permanent fixtures, including a coupon-scale materials testing facility (CTS facility), and medium scale axial load frame (900 kN). Other custom testing configurations are: cutting mechanics testing, make-break testing, seal mechanics fundamentals testing, small scale air flow testing (2.5 m³/min), and equipment pressure testing. Noetic’s testing group also actively participates in field and off-site testing activities leveraging local industrial suppliers to expand our in- house testing services to include large scale load testing (5000 kN) and large volume air flow testing (170 m³min). Our shop is equipped with data acquisition equipment, customizable to our client’s needs, including electronic instrumentation for measuring the variables that matter, including load, displacement, temperature, pressure, flow, and strain. The data acquisition equipment is capable of measuring very fast transient responses (5000 Hz+) and capable of recording data over long duration tests (30 days+). Click here for details about Noetic’s Experimental Services and Support.

CTS (coupon testing system)

Noetic’s CTS facility is equipped with three custom designed material test frames. Two frames are configured for uniaxial tensile testing and one for uniaxial cyclic testing. The two tensile frames are customized to provide precise strain or force control for low rate or static testing or relaxation holds and are typically used for evaluating the temperature and rate dependence of material response. The third test frame can be configured to dynamically apply any combination of uniaxial compressive/tensile loading and thermal loading to a wide variety of specimen geometries under tightly controlled loading conditions. This facility is typically used in conjunction with application specific material characterization requirements, for which custom-designed testing programs may be defined. Click here for details about Noetic’s Experimental Services and Support.