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Frequently Asked Questions - Noetic/Volant Integration

  • Why did the Volant group of companies make Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc. a subsidiary of Volant Products Inc.?*

Connecting Noetic’s engineering expertise and support with Volant’s product-based business will expand the scope of solutions to address the emergent and challenging technical problems identified by industry leaders.

  • What are the benefits of aligning Volant and Noetic?*

Aligning Noetic’s engineering expertise with Volant’s product base will provide a rigorous and innovative approach to solving industry challenges.

  • Why is Noetic keeping its name and brand?*

The integration will position Noetic as a subsidiary of Volant Products Inc. Noetic will continue to offer consulting services, and will continue to deliver the excellence that built its strong reputation.

  • How does Noetic’s integration with Volant affect the management team?*

Noetic’s integration with Volant has a limited impact on the management team and on staffing overall.

Bill Roggensack remains as Volant’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Dan Shute as Volant’s President.

Recent updates to the organizational chart include Dan Dall’Acqua’s appointment as Volant’s Director, Engineering and the appointment of three managers within Noetic. Noetic’s Well Integrity, Experimental Services and Production Management groups will be managed by Victor Yung, Morgan Allen and Matthew Garvin, respectively.

  • Can I still call Dan Dall’Acqua to discuss Noetic projects?*

Yes, absolutely.

In his role as Volant’s Director, Engineering, Dan is directing Product Engineering and Consulting activities as well as the Quality Assurance function. He will continue to work with clients to ensure they are connected with the resources they need at both companies.

  • What is the timeline for completing the alignment between the two companies?*

Alignment is underway and, with the work completed to date, we are confident in our ability to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Within Volant, we will gradually integrate Noetic’s engineering expertise and support into Volant projects over the next six months.

  • Will Noetic’s clients be required to use Volant technology?*


Noetic is known for its expertise and contributions to industry and will continue to offer high quality engineering services to clients separate from the support it provides to Volant.

We want to be clear that both companies are committed to transparent and objective approaches to all projects. Noetic considers adherence to client confidentiality obligations to be a critical element of its consulting business, and will continue to do so as a subsidiary of Volant by actively managing its handling of client confidential information. Confidential information received or generated by Noetic will only be accessible to Noetic staff unless disclosure to other Volant subsidiaries is first approved by Noetic’s client.

  • Will the same people at Noetic and Volant be managing my project(s)?*

Depending on your requirements there may be occasions when both Noetic consulting and Volant product development resources will be incorporated into a project.

  • As a Volant client, what will I gain as a result of Noetic becoming a part of the Volant group of companies?*

You will gain access to a broader range of quality technologies that address important and emerging industry challenges.

We will achieve this by integrating Noetic’s engineering expertise and industry knowledge into Volant’s product base.

  • As a Noetic client, what will I gain as a result of Noetic aligning with Volant?*

Noetic’s engineers will be exposed to additional industry resources that will solidify their understanding of application challenges. The company’s capacity for addressing emerging challenges will increase and contribute to the development of innovative products.

  • Are there any services offered by Noetic or Volant today that will be eliminated?*


Both Noetic and Volant will maintain their current services. Noetic is focused on providing engineering solutions that improve well integrity in drilling and completions, as well as in production. Volant is committed to innovative product development and solution delivery using these technology-based products and associated services.

  • Will the company remain in Edmonton and Calgary?*


Noetic and Volant will remain headquartered in Edmonton and retain a shared satellite office in downtown Calgary.

  • Who should I contact with questions about this announcement?*

Bill Roggensack, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +1.780.906.1115

Dan Shute, President
Tel: +1.780.784.7004

Dan Dall’Acqua, Director, Engineering
Tel: +1.780.784.3505