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Investigative Engineering

An investigative engineering approach is typical of most project work undertaken by Noetic – it places strong emphasis on understanding the underlying physical mechanism, identifying the key controlling variables, and recognizing the role of each element as part of a system.

In the beginning

We set out to acquire the information needed to develop an engineering model, which combines a series of numerical models or mathematical equations to describe a system. To characterize complex sub-system behavior, these models often integrate theoretical formulations with empirical information derived from experimental data.

Controlling the situation

We limit model development to obtain a practically useful quantitative description of how design variables affect system performance; theoretical perfection is not needed. Engineering models allow us to focus on aspects of system behavior for which enhanced quantitative definition is needed to increase the level of predictability or manage uncertainty.

Tying it all together

We then use the most appropriate tools – whether they are analytic, numeric or experimental – to further understand the problem, providing multi-dimensional rather than single variable control in devising design solutions.