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Since 2008, Dr. Jarek Nowinka has been Canada’s Representative in the International Organization for Standardization ISO Technical Committee 67 Sub Committee 5. The mandate of Technical Committee 67 is to develop international standards for materials and equipment for the oil-and-gas industry. Sixty countries from around the world participate in TC67. Canada participates in ISO via the Standards Council of Canada. As the Canadian representative to ISO TC67 SC5, Jarek Nowinka votes on behalf of Canada on matters pertaining to development and adoption of international standards for the oil-and-gas industry. His work includes reviewing new or revised standards, which he conducts in cooperation with other Canadian experts. Jarek also attends international meetings at of ISO TC67 SC5 to discuss progress of standardization.

Jarek and several of his colleagues: Dan Dall’Acqua, Trent Kaiser and Garret Meijer have helped to develop of the latest edition of ISO 13679, which specifies procedures for testing casing and tubing connections for classic elastic-design applications. They are also involved in promoting a new work item on the ISO agenda, which deals with a connection evaluation procedure for post-yield (elastic-plastic) applications (e.g. thermal wells such as SAGD and CSS wells).

For further information regarding the program of the ISO Edmonton events, and the volunteering opportunities-contact Jarek Nowinka at: