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Mark Chartier, P.Eng.

Senior Project Engineer and Discipline Lead, Structural Design

Mark Chartier joined Noetic Engineering in 2006 after completing a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering at the University of Alberta, and is currently Noetic’s Structural Design Discipline Lead.

At Noetic, Mark applies fundamental engineering design principles, numerical analysis techniques and experimental methods to improve design bases and well integrity in challenging thermal applications. Mark has led projects in:

  • Strain-based designs for casing and liners
  • Reduced-scale test programs investigating the fundamental behaviour of metal-to-metal seals in premium connections
  • Development of a structural design basis for cements used in thermal applications
  • Forensic investigations of well failures

Leveraging this experience, Mark co-instructs Noetic’s industry workshops that teach participants the fundamentals of strain-based design for casing and liner systems.

Mark is also completing a Masters in Business Administration, with a specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the University of Alberta. This training is equipping Mark with business and management skills that enable him to steward the development of ideas, conceived from Noetic’s technical expertise and understanding of industry needs, into innovative and industry-leading product and service offerings.

In his free time, Mark enjoys walking in a nearby ravine with his family, mountain biking, hockey, ‘do-it yourself’ home improvement projects, and building with Lego.