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Noetic Joins Volant Group of Companies

March 3, 2014

Noetic is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, it is integrating into the Volant group of companies. Noetic is now a subsidiary of Volant Products Inc.

This is a mutually beneficial opportunity that will see Noetic continue to operate under its name and branding as a top-tier consultancy while adding engineering expertise and capacity to Volant.

Our role with Volant will be to contribute to its work of designing and manufacturing upstream oil and gas technology solutions and providing services and data interpretation to ensure the best possible performance in the field.

Through all of our work, rest assured that Noetic remains 100 per cent committed to the exemplary service, unique knowledge base and professional conduct that you have come to expect from our team.

Updates within Noetic’s team

Dan Dall’Acqua’s new role as Volant’s Director, Engineering is a strong indicator of the integration underway to ensure Noetic is best positioned to continue with its consulting services and support Volant. In his role, Dan is directing Product Engineering and Consulting activities as well as the Quality Assurance function. Dan will continue to be available to clients to ensure they are connected with the resources they need and to contribute his deep technical knowledge, as required.

Within Noetic, there is both continuity and change. Trent Kaiser will continue as Noetic’s Principal Engineer and technical lead for work related to Production Management. Trent will also continue working on business development opportunities. Jarek Nowinka and Victor Yung will provide technical leadership for Noetic’s Well Integrity work. The primary changes relate to the appointment of three new managers. In addition to his technical lead role, Victor will also be responsible for the day-to-day management of Noetic’s Well Integrity group. Similarly, Morgan Allen and Matthew Garvin have accepted roles as managers for Noetic’s Experimental Services and Production Management groups, respectively.

Outside of these staffing updates, Noetic’s services and our focus on ideas, innovation and solutions will remain consistent. We believe our relationship with Volant will serve to broaden our knowledge of the industry, and offer our clients even more forward-thinking, quality solutions than ever before.

For more information about Noetic’s integration with the Volant group of companies view the Frequently Asked Questions.

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