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2016 SPE Thermal Well Design & Integrity Symposium Nov. 28 - Dec. 1

October 27, 2016

Noetic is happy to have attended the 2016 SPE Thermal Well Design & Integrity Symposium and had the opportunity to contribute to the event’s technical content. Highlights of Noetic’s contributions are provided below:

Monday, November 28th

The day before the Symposium, Trent Kaiser and Mark Chartier provided a training course held in conjunction with the Symposium. The topic was “Strain-Based Casing Design for Thermal Applications”. Details of the course content can be found on the SPE website:

Tuesday, November 29th

In Session 2, Jarek Nowinka presented a paper he co-authored with Dan Dall’Acqua entitled “New Product Line Evaluation Method Saves Cost and Time on Qualifying Connections for Thermal Wells”.

Wednesday, November 30th

In the opening Session of the day, Trent Kaiser presented on “Injector Design Optimisation for SAGD Conformance and Cost”, a paper co-authored with Spencer Taubner.

Later in this session, Spencer presented on “Experimental Validation of Installation Limits for Slotted Liners”.

During the morning coffee break, John Van Vliet hosted an eposter presentation to describe “Practical Considerations for Estimating Downhole Load Conditions in Real-Time”.

Thursday, December 1st

Mark Chartier presented the paper “Impact of Installation Loads on Thermal Service Performance of Slotted Liners”, co-authored with Victor Yung.

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