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Our NoeticLiner™ software enables well designers and drilling engineers to integrate installation strength limits of sand and flow control devices with well surveys and torque-and-drag analysis (TDA) results. Bringing the datasets together creates a clear understanding of loads on every joint during installation.

Liner and Device Installation Strength

Safely running liners and flow control devices to target depth is of utmost importance to good well performance. Over the past decade, Noetic has used finite element analysis and physical testing to develop engineering bases for determining the installation strength limits of slotted liner, ported liner, and downhole devices. With NoeticLiner’s integration of Noetic’s proven engineering bases, you can be assured your liner can handle the rigours of installation.

Well-Specific Installation Limits

Every well has its unique challenges, whether it is the planned trajectory, high localized doglegs, or excessive wellbore washout. NoeticLiner incorporates survey data and well-specific parameters to provide liner load capacity at every depth tailored to each well.

NoeticLiner seamlessly overlays installation load limits on your TDA data. Import multiple datasets for different operations and liner insertion depths, and NoeticLiner instantly compares the limits of the liner to the downhole loads. Liner designs can be optimized and rig operations planned to safely and effectively run your liner to TD.

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