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Production Management

Effectively distributing steam or other injection fluids over long horizontal lengths in thermal wells is not always easy. Nor is managing the inflow of production fluids over these same lengths while maximizing recovery. Noetic’s Production Management group uses unique analysis tools calibrated with physical testing to deliver our clients with new well completion designs, or evaluations of existing designs. This provides operators with greater control of fluid flow in their thermal wells, while maintaining a safe operating environment.

Noetic’s coupled thermo-hydraulic wellbore/reservoir model is a flexible analysis tool that contains multi-phase flow and heat transfer capabilities to allow for a wide variety of applications to be evaluated and optimized. Examples of work conducted by the Production Management group include:

Project Examples:

  • Steam injection well completion design and evaluation for flow optimization
  • Comparisons of heat flow distributions during steam circulation with different completion strategies
  • Small-scale or large-scale testing of steam injection devices
  • Design of producer well completions for achieving preferential inflow while maximizing well productivity
  • Analysis and optimization of gas lift systems
  • Optimization of slotting or perforation distributions for avoiding breakthrough or other coning effects in primary or secondary production schemes

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