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Synergistic Impacts MCP

Project Synopsis

Thermal well loading and sour exposure poses a unique challenge that is not addressed in existing codes. The impact of these unique conditions on well integrity need to be considered in the context of the full life-cycle of thermal wells (start-up, operation, and abandonment). Given the industry’s limited understanding of the effects of these conditions on OCTG materials, Noetic has been leading a multi client and multi-stage project with the primary objectives to:

  • Advance understanding of combined effects of concurrent thermo-mechanical loading and sour exposure (synergistic loading) on intermediate casing materials in thermal wells.
  • Develop an evaluation methodology for assessing casing material performance under synergistic loading.

Substantial progress has been made toward achieving these objectives in project Stages 1 and 2. Stage 3 is now ongoing, with a focus on integrating effects of sour exposure with strain based well design methodologies for tubulars and connections.

Value to Operators

For existing wells:
  • Assessment of casing material performance envelope, capacity and risk potential.
  • Guidelines for managing temperature and environment in well operations and abandonment.

For new wells:

  • Methodology for material selection and qualification where no suitable standard exists.

Stage 1 and 2 Achievements

Understanding of the combined impacts of temperature, plastic strain cycles, and environment severity on the performance of OCTG materials in thermal wells has advanced substantially. A Synergistic Reference Test (SRT) has been developed to assess OCTG materials under representative thermal well conditions combining sour exposure, cyclic plastic deformation, and temperature cycles. Four OCTG materials (one K55, two L80’s and a T95) have been evaluated with the SRT and simplified tests. A subset of results is described in NACE paper 2015-5988.


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