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Thermal Well Flow Simulation and Production Management

The SAGD well pair provides a complex optimization challenge for production engineers. Gravity drainage is sensitive to a number of factors including reservoir heterogeneity, completion design and well geometry. Flow control systems are rapidly evolving to optimize and extend the application of gravity drainage processes, but their implementation requires a consistent design strategy that honours the physics of the process. Simple wellbore flow network tools can be used to understand the effects of completion design.

This full-day workshop provides a review of flow fundamentals and introduction to wellbore/reservoir flow network evaluation using a simple flow network analysis tool to illustrate system sensitivities. New technology developed to capture the intricacies of gravity drainage is also covered. Participants will leave this workshop with a better grasp of wellbore hydraulics foundations, an improved understanding of near-wellbore gravity processes, and strategies for managing liquid level distributions to optimize SAGD production.

Noetic offers the Thermal Well Flow Simulation and Production Management Workshop as a service to client production engineering groups. Workshop content and examples can be customized to operator specific concerns and confidential production practices can be candidly discussed. The workshop can be held in the client office and scheduled to fit internal schedules to minimize disruption of ongoing work.

For more information about this workshop, please contact:

Garret Meijer
Phone: +1.780.784.3523