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Well Integrity Management

Noetic Engineering assists operators with well integrity management activities and program development. Well structure deformations are becoming more common as the oil industry exploits soft reservoirs, higher-pressure deposits, and enhanced recovery techniques like thermal stimulation. These create unique structural challenges. Understanding well deformations, the mechanisms that cause them, and the functional limits of tubulars will guide the future development of energy resources.

Nothing can replace good measurements for identifying new deformation mechanisms and calibrating the models that clarify them. With extensive experience in both extreme service casing design and caliper/imaging tool data analysis and interpretation, Noetic provides engineering support on well integrity management, including well operations and interventions.

Noetic complements this expertise with its industry-leading data analysis and visualization software, Wellbore Inspector™. With the right processing, imaging tool measurements provide the most comprehensive three-dimensional deformation characterization available. To close the loop on well design, results from well integrity management of field operations can be used to improve new wells.

Project Examples:

  • Assessment/qualification of imaging tool configurations and associated data quality
  • 3-D visualization and engineering interpretation of well tubular deformations
  • Observation wells design for monitoring reservoir compaction and shear movement
  • Evaluation of casing fatigue and mitigation options in cyclic thermal applications
  • Casing failure investigations
  • Liner failure investigations

Contact: Victor Yung, Email:
Primary phone: +1.780.784.3516