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What We Do


At Noetic Engineering we approach problems from a fundamentals perspective. Problems that are very complex, and problems without solutions – yet. Most engineering challenges are handled by existing design frameworks, where years of analysis, testing and experience are encapsulated into a design code that can be broadly applied. But what do you do when your problem won’t fit into an established design basis? At Noetic, we build new design bases that capture alternative fundamentals. Or develop new technologies that expand the limits of existing design frameworks.

Like you, we love to explore. We specialize in the design, evaluation and optimization of downhole mechanical systems for demanding service environments. Just as every well breaks new ground, so too do our solutions for drilling, completion and production.

Look at some of the examples on this site: strain-based design for casing and pipelines, deformation-tolerant tubular systems, premium connections, effective flow control in horizontal wells. Enabling technologies for high-value services of today and tomorrow for thermal, HP/HT, and unconventional gas applications. Ground-breaking work that leads to high value solutions for today’s energy industry.