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Who We Are


Noetic is a team of curious and creative hands-on professionals who are energized by challenge. We are committed to thinking ‘out of the box’ and to pushing the frontiers of what is possible by leveraging industry leading experience and knowledge. Our engineering team is reliable and socially responsible, and our goal is to serve the energy industry using innovative technology to solve problems. Your problems.

When you hit a snag, Noetic can help. Our team of experts is committed to maximizing value delivery to our clients in everything we do. By combining decades of experience with leading-edge technology with a creative flair, we deliver quality engineering solutions fast and affordably. When you hire us, you are not hiring one engineer, but a highly trained and educated team. You hire Noetic.

Noetic was first incorporated in 1998 as a private engineering services company. Its success in creating an impressive list of products, techniques, and processes resulted in the launch of Volant Products Inc. in 2001, while Noetic continued as a separate consulting business. In 2013, driven by business evolution and opportunity, Noetic was integrated into the Volant group of companies. Noetic now continues to provide its top-tier consulting services while offering additional engineering expertise and capacity to Volant, a product-based business that designs, manufactures and services specialty products and equipment for upstream oil and gas operations worldwide.